Manufacturing Facility​

  • Epoxy finish floors in core area, all floor edges are coved & polished to minimize dust    and dirt adherences.
  • Building Management system in place to control HVAC operation.
  • All the electrical and utility lines are either taken outside or concealed within the walls or false sealing.
  • The corridors & windows are designed to enhance the viewing of the manufacturing operations without physically entering the processing.
  • Materials are stored as per their storage condition areas.
  • We hold a loan license granted by the State FDA, permitting us to manufacture drugs and cosmetics at a third-party facility owned by another licensed manufacturer.

  • The facility has a pest and rodent control program, and all plant entry points are provided with the insectocutor and air curtains.
  • There are emergency exits at suitable places.
  • Packing areas construction and finishing of the primary packaging areas is similar to process areas.
  • Secondary packaging areas have plastered brick walls with a smooth paint finish.
  • 400 Litres NPM Granulation suite
  • 51 Station D tooling/ 55 Station BB Tooling/20 Station D Tooling Compression machine.
  • 36” Auto Coater NPM & 48” Coating System
  • 13. Ribbon Blender 500kg/ Double Cone 200kg/ Double Cone 100kg for powder blending
  • ACG/Cartoblis ACG/2 Elmach EP 2000 Packing machines.
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